"Pechatny dvor" is a unique printing house. It was founded in Saint-Petersburg according to the order of Nikolai I in 1827 for the purpose of printing the Complete Corpus of the laws of Russian Empire. The imperial orders were also printed here in 6 copies. Two copies on expensive wove paper, which was used for limning and pastel color painting, were given to the emperor to sign.

The industrial buildings, which house the printworks nowadays, were built in 1910 as per the design of the famous architect L.N. Benois. The project was based on the design of Paris National Printing House: with a separately standing, illuminated from the sides and from above through the glass cupola printshop in the center. The other workshops group around it. The printing house was given the name "Pechatny dvor", which has become a famous brand of quality and professionalism, in 1922 in memory of the first Russian print works created in Moscow by I. Fedorov and P. Mstislavets. After the Revolution in 1917 the printing house has produced science literature, textbooks, fiction and children's literature in bulk issues. High quality of the production, the most modern technologies and the working specialists'professionalism have been the differential characteristics of the oldest state printing house during its whole history.

Modern "Pechatny dvor" holds the leading positions in Saint-Petersburg and the Northwest of Russia in production of books and magazines, which can be proclaimed the quality standard. The innovatory technological solutions and the high level of production are appreciated by our customers and reasonably improve the qualitative characteristics of our products: books and albums, brochures and magazines, booklets, calendars, posters and paper goods.

The main achievment of the printing house is the high-quality production of hardcover books.

Emperor Nikolai I