Prepress Works
Computer typesetting, design and layout
Scanning, format from 35 mm to A3
Computer to Plate technology (Luxel Vx9600)
Matchprint analog color proof, format A2
Resolution up to 4064 dpi
Ruling up to 625 lpi

Print Machines
Web offset presses,
Formats: 60x90 cm, 70х100 cm, 70х108 cm, 84х108 cm
Sheet-fed offset presses, 2 and 4 colors, format 90x120 cm
5-color press, format 52x74 cm
4+4 color perfecting (Komori L444SP)
Paper size from 46x62 cm to 82x113 cm
Paper thickness 0.04 to 0.2 mm
Non-standard printing formats may be used
All kinds of paper, density from 40 to 350 g/m2

Hardcover books: types 5, 7, 10 (semi-rigid)
Spine width from 6 to 55 mm
Sewing, adhesive binding
Square back, rounded back
Paperback (cut-flush) books, with flaps or pockets
Spine width from 6 to 65 mm - perfect binding, 8 to 55 mm - sewing
Wiring (metal fasteners)
Volume up to 6 signatures

Book finishing
Blind embossing, relief stamping, two-level embossing (2 foils simultaneously possible)
Stencil screen printing
Lamination with optional goffering
Book-edge tinting
and many other options.